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Icon post! [15 Oct 2009|01:19pm]

I made 60 icons out of the photos that have so far surfaced of Liza May in Australia since her landing there 2 days ago :) You can find them in my journal (it's a public post) or if you'd like the exact link, here you go!

Here's a few teasers:

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Twiggy, Shirley Maclaine, Goldie Hawn, Liza Minnelli [01 Sep 2008|10:44pm]


{8 Shirley MacLaine icons} {8 Goldie Hawn icons}
{8 Liza Minnelli
(in Cabaret & New York, New York) icons} {14 Twiggy icons}

1 2
3 4

42 icons this way!

New York, New York Screencaps [30 May 2008|06:53pm]

I have screencapped New York, New York and uploaded the caps to photobucket for you all to enjoy :) Feel free to make icons and graphics, just please credit me for the screencaps! :) One more thing - I mostly just capped the "Happy Endings" part of the film, so there isn't many of the actual movie, sorry :/



Also, I'm looking for some Liza loving friends, so if you want feel free to friend me! :) <3

xo Kailey
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Pappy [01 Aug 2007|02:45pm]


Some sad news...

For those that may not know (if you don't participate in any of the other Liza lists), Liza's "Pappy," drummer Bill LaVorgna, passed away yesterday after suffering a heart attack.  He was Liza's conductor and drummer for years and worked with Judy Garland as well.  If you've been to a Liza concert, you know who I'm talking about - for me, he created the live sound we're accustomed to hearing.

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[17 Dec 2006|04:06am]

I don't know if this is technically allowed for this community, but I was wondering if anyone has some mp3s from "Cabaret." I only want two, "Mein Herr" and "Cabaret" as sung by Liza Minnelli. Does anyone have them?
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[21 Jul 2006|11:01am]

Hey hey
I'm new and I'm happy to find the Liza Minnelli communities :)
Oh btw I'm tere :)

"Losing My Mind" [18 Apr 2006|05:30pm]

Awww Liza performing in the 80's on the Arsenio Hall Show.
lol Her hair and outfit are cute

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[15 Apr 2006|04:49pm]

I just got my Liza with a Z DVD, and it was positively marvelous, I watched all of the bonus features and they are amazing, if you didn't get it, see the show or the bonus features yet, do it ASAP!!! ahh ♥ love you all!
3 Love Liza

[13 Apr 2006|08:58pm]
for you chicago fans remember that this saturday (april 15th) liza will be at borders meeting her fans for the new liza with a z dvd special. so come, i can't wait to see her in the flesh!

[15 Mar 2006|07:22am]

Liza is on Larry King live rightttt now, and she's amazing!! Go see it!
2 Love Liza

[03 Mar 2006|07:05pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Hello everyone, sorry I've been under a rock! Just checking in so you all know your mod. is alive.
I can't wait for the Liza With a "Z" DVD to come out! =] I'm quite happy about that. Any other news about Liza? post, and let us all know =p ♥


Go Buy LwaZ! [03 Mar 2006|01:10pm]

Just a reminder that the remastered CD of Liza with a Z comes out this Tuesday:


And if that wasn't enough, you can now preorder Liza with a Z on DVD, with TONS of awesome extras, including commentary by Liza and her amazing performance of "What Makes a Man, a Man" at last year's GLAAD Awards:


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TV Reminder! [03 Feb 2006|10:04pm]

Liza is on "Inside the Actor's Studio" this Sunday.


And for any Barbra Streisand fans on here, her's runs that morning on the same channel. :)

[15 Jan 2006|01:20am]

reportedly, on Sunday, 2/5 (February 5th). Inside the Actor's studio- Liza will be on at 8 pm

[07 Jan 2006|10:47am]

[ mood | shocked ]

First off.
Happy New Year!!
In today's news...

'Liza Minnelli is starting the New Year with a new toyboy - a 27-year-old
Austrian royal.

The Cabaret star, 59, who is still fighting for a divorce from estranged
husband David Gest, is reportedly dating Prince Max of Schaumburg-Lippe
- the former lover of socialites Ivana Trump and Paris Hilton.

The European royal has confirmed the romance to US tabloid National
Enquirer, stating the actress/singer is his perfect match: "Liza is
American royalty. She's a princess… Women like Liza are truly
alluring." '

Respond...whether you think this is a good, bad or crazy idea.


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[01 Dec 2005|05:25pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Happy December!
I've been temporarily on hiatus;
I hope everyone's Thanksgiving went well!
=] do tell.

Love to all,

4 Love Liza

[08 Oct 2005|10:19pm]

I'm bored. It's raining. I thought I would post a fun picture of Liza from the Broadway benefit for Katrina from 2 weeks ago:
title or description

I didn't get to go to the benefit. *Sigh* I had to attend a wedding that night.
I STILL haven't updated photos from my camera. I promise I will have the ones from the Martha Stewart taping up soon.

This was random, but earlier today I was flipping through the TV channels and I saw that "Arthur" was on. I kept going and saw that "I Could Go On Singing" was also on. lol Yay Mother/Daughter movie treats.

new photos [10 Sep 2005|11:31am]

[ mood | sick ]

Photos of Liza from the Toronto Film Festival screening of the newly restored "Liza With a Z" are up on www.gettyimages.com and www.wireimage.com. Just go to either URL and then type "liza minnelli" in the search bar and you will find them :o)

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[04 Sep 2005|03:41pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello everyone! I dont think ive introduced myself properly yet! My name is Pookie (my real name is Brittney but ive been called pookie all my life so now thats pretty much my name now)! Ive just absoulutly LOVED Liza for a long time now and thats one of the reasons i decided to join this community! The other reason was to meet other people who loved Liza just as much as me! NO ONE I PERSONALY KNOW LIKES HER! So Hi everyone! ^_^

Also when i get bored i make cartoon dolls. I dont mean like on one of those CLICK-AND-DRAG sites, i mean i really make them! I recently made some of Liza in 'Cabaret' (my Favorite Liza Movie), 'Pookie' and 'New York, New York'.

Jimmy, Jimmy... THE BABY, JIMMY!Collapse )


(p.s. I cant wait to meet you!^_^)

2 Love Liza

[04 Sep 2005|01:38am]


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